General Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable as general guidelines for using services and making purchases at Salon Afhair 9. 

Regarding the specific service, promotion, and items, additional terms and conditions may be applicable. Without giving any advance notice, these terms and conditions are subject to change. So, before using any service, consumers are advised to periodically review the terms and conditions. Additionally, the client enters into a contract with the business that owns and operates the specific Salon Afhair 9 by using the services or purchasing items and is deemed to have accepted all of the Terms and Conditions listed below.


    • It is advisable to book an appointment before visiting Salon Afhair 9 to avoid disappointments.

    • If there are any open appointment times, we will be pleased to modify or reschedule your appointment with advance notice.

    • We keep appointments for 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Your appointment will be considered canceled if you do not arrive within 15 minutes.


• Please provide accurate and comprehensive information on the “Declaration cum Consent” form when it is given to you by the salon, as this will help us provide accurate advice and services.

• To avoid any reaction and to safeguard your health, we advise that you perform a patch test for all goods used in the provision of the service before using it.

• When scheduling an appointment or using services, please let us know if you are pregnant so that we can ensure your comfort, safety, and at the same time accurate services for your needs as some services may not be advisable.

• If you have any medical issues, please let your Expert know before you receive a service as some Services might not be suitable for you.


• We have the right to reject a client or any service if we believe that doing so would violate SOP or would not be safe or appropriate for the customer given their medical, hygienic, or physical conditions as disclosed by them during the consultation process.

• Salon Afhair 9 and its staff also reserve the right to deny service to any client who makes them feel threatened by verbal or physical abuse of any kind.


    • Each salon has its own set of prices for its services and goods. Prices may change at any time, without warning, according to Salon Afhair 9.

    • Prices as of the delivery date of the service or the purchase date of the goods will be billed, and are subject to tax at the applicable rates.


    • It is the customer’s exclusive obligation to ensure the security of any valuables brought into the salon. For any loss or damage to the same, Salon Afhair 9 would not be responsible.

    • The highest standards of health, safety, ethics, and adherence to all applicable rules and regulations are of the utmost significance to Salon Afhair 9. Please get in touch with the salon manager or the area business manager with any questions, concerns, or instances that you feel violate these standards.


    • “No Refund” is the standard policy of Salon Afhair 9. If, in the odd event, you are not satisfied with the service you received, you must file a complaint within seven days of receiving the service at care@afhair9.com .

    • The customer is responsible for paying the full-service charge once the service has been rendered in line with the agreed-upon terms and after receiving consultation.

    • We accept damaged, unopened, and unused products for exchange (no refund) with a valid bill within 7 days of the bill date for “Returns & Exchanges.”


    • Salon Afhair 9 will accept gift cards, certificates, and coupons as long as they are presented for redemption in accordance with their terms and conditions before the bill is generated.

    • At Salon Afhair 9, gift cards, vouchers, and coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other offers.


    • The service/series sale package must be used within the specified time frame (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 months, depending on the service series booked), and it cannot be transferred.

    • In addition to these basic terms and conditions, the specific offer and promotion’s terms and conditions would also apply.

    • The services and goods made available through the offer/promotion plan will also be accessible without it.

    • Offers and promotions cannot be combined, and neither can they be redeemed for cash.

    • Without giving prior notice, Salon Afhair 9 maintains the right to revoke or change Offers and promotions.


    • Cash, UPI, credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are all acceptable forms of payment.

    • When the services have been completed, please make sure to collect your bill. If we have your current mobile number on file, we will send you a bill through SMS once the system has closed the transaction.

    • In the event that no bill has been provided through any means of communication within 24 hours of the salon’s completion of the service, please report it by sending an email to care@afhair9.com.

    • The following can only be claimed if you registered a valid name, mobile number, and email address with us at the time of billing.

    • For services received at Salon Afhair 9, a duplicate bill may be obtained within 15 days.

    • If there is a dispute with the bill, it should be remedied within 15 days by contacting care@afhair9.com or by visiting the salon where services were obtained.


    • Customers are encouraged to complete the Declaration or Consent form completely and truthfully because doing so will serve their interests.

    • All personal information and sensitive personal data submitted by customers during appointment scheduling, consultation processes, or consent forms are done so with their voluntary consent to help the firm perform the services. The customer-provided Personal Information/Sensitive Personal Data or Information will be kept private by Afhair 9 Salon, which may also save for future use, reference, and/or to offer and promote any other products and/or services or for marketing purposes. For more information about how we utilize the personal information we gather from you, please see our privacy statement at https://www.afhair9s.com/privacy.

    • Among other things, we contact you using the personal information you supply to notify you of our services, offers, promotions, and other lawful marketing goals.

    • If you’d like not to receive any information, Send STOP to +918484894945. In the instance that you previously chose not to receive any messages from us but have since changed your opinion, simply place a missed call to +918484894945.


    • Please contact care@afhair9.com or call +918484894945 if you have any questions, complaints, or feedback.

    • Information about the terms and conditions that apply to services at Salon Afhair 9 can be found on our website at http://www.afhair9.com.

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