French Balayage

French Balayage

“Placement and blending are the keys to an effective balayage. What gives a space a lived-in, natural appearance is the contrast between the light and dark tones.”

Want to get those youthful natural highlights back?

It is possible with balayage. Balayage gives you the appearance that you recently got back from a luxurious summer vacation. Balayage, rather than being bright and blatant, conveys, “I have wonderful hair,” in a way that is subtle but evident. Here is all the information you require regarding the fad.


It’s very easy to fall in love with Balayage hair color, the effortlessly chic hairstyle that has swept the red carpet. The appearance is created with hand-painted highlights.

Every man and woman who wishes to flaunt their hair with style can consider hair color with highlighting as a good option.  But there might be many things bothering you, such as whether should you keep it simple or go bold.

No matter which season comes and goes, hair color always makes each weather seem a little better. If you are a hair color lover then you will definitely love creating these winter hair color trends!

It Depending on your hair type and texture.  We are here with a complete guide and images to help you make up your mind for a highlight hair color session with the stylist!


We Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge!

There are expert hairstylists at Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge to give you an eye-catching makeover that makes you look no less than a celebrity!

We Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge, can guide you on every small detailing of hair highlights, shades, and texture. Whether you are a fanatic about black hair with highlights or some new shades in brown texture, expert guides from this salon can explain and offer you the best hair highlighting experience.

Indian skin tones are diverse, and the highlight hair color that suits each skin type also varies a lot.

Hence, it is advisable to take your hair consultant’s assistance, who can suggest the best choice of hair highlight colors.

Above all, we Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge, can recommend to you the alternatives for distinct types of shades of Base and Creative colors & and highlights as well. And at Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge, the premium hair makeover is cost-effective and does not fall heavy on your pockets.

Visit Salon Afhair 9 today to get your Free Consultation. Grab Pocket-Friendly, Premium, Delightful Salon Services in this awesome #festival vibe…. at Color Lounge of Salon Afhair 9 – Family Unisex Salon.

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