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Ombre hair is a timeless hair colour trend that we adore.




What is ombré?

France has always set the bar high for style and beauty, which is where the name “ombré” (pronounced “om-bray”) originates. Meaning “shaded,” it refers to a hair colouring process that creates a sun-kissed look by progressively lightening a darker base colour along the lengths, typically beginning in the middle.

While balayage is a highlighting process, ombré hair uses a continuous transition from darker to lighter to get its colour.

Benefit – It is easy to maintain?

The simplicity of maintaining ombre hair is one of the reasons it is such a well-liked style. The lighter areas of your hair softly slide further down the tips as it grows out due to the progressive colour gradation.

We provide a customized fast highlights coloring treatment to restore these grown-out lighter parts on the lengths and ends. For a beautiful, natural finish that enhances the features of your face and skin tone, our hair styling team know precisely where to place the highlights.

Make sure your ombre hair is always in vogue! When it comes to daily hair care, use items that will protect the colour rather than remove it and increase its shine.

Why? We Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge!


There are experts’ hairstylists at Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge to give you an eye-catchy makeover that makes you look no less than a celebrity!


We Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge, can guide you on every small detailing of hair highlights, shades, and texture. Whether you are fanatic about French ombré or some new shades in brown texture, expert guides from this salon can explain and offer you the best hair highlighting experience.


Indian skin tones are diverse, and the French ombré which suits each skin type also varies a lot.

Hence, it is advisable to take your hair consultant’s assistance, who can suggest the best choice.


Above all, we Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge, can recommend to you the alternatives for a distinct type of shades of Base and Creative color’s & highlights as well. And at Salon Afhair9’s Color Lounge, the premium hair makeover is cost-effective, which does not fall heavy on your pockets.


Visit Salon Afhair 9 today to get your Free Consultation. Grab Pocket Friendly, Premium, Delightful Salon Services in this awesome #festival vibe…. at Color Lounge of Salon Afhair 9 – Family Unisex Salon.


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